Pizza Hut Driver Employee Fends Off Robbers with Tent Stake in Glen Burnie

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Consider tipping your pizza delivery driver a little extra next time; these people are braving some real dangers to get you your food!

Pizza Hut employee Sam Swicewood had a sense of the hazards. So he carried a fiberglass tent stake with him as he attempted to deliver a pizza in Glen Burnie on December 14. He was met by a group of youths keen on taking his cash (and presumably, the pizza). According to the police, one of the kids punched him in the face, but he fended them off using the stake and a screen door.

What did he get for his trouble? A cut in both hours (from 30 every week to 20) and pay (from $11 an hour with tips to $7.50) for violating Pizza Hut’s no-weapons policy. As reported in the Sun, Swicewood says he was reassigned to a kitchen job, losing ten hours a week and making less per hour, besides.

Pizza Hut flatly denies lowering his wages and cutting his hours. But… why would Swicewood lie about it?

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