Place Your Bets on Whether Amazon Will Bring Sunday Delivery to Baltimore

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If you’re still reeling from the news that you’ll be paying sales tax on your Amazon purchases once the one true online retail giant opens its Baltimore distribution center, you can console yourself with the idea the warehouse will increase the odds of the company including us in the expansion of its Sunday delivery service next year.

The United States Postal Service will start delivering brown packages decorated with smirking arrows on Sundays to the denizens of New York and Los Angeles this week.

Amazon hasn’t divulged the details of the expansion of this service slated for 2014. But they’ve said it will include¬†“a large portion of the U.S. population,” and Baltimore has a decent shot at being a part of it.

Economist Anirban Basu believes the Baltimore-Washington area is populous enough to make Sunday delivery worth it. Marc Wulfraat, president of a Montreal consulting firm, is less certain but believes the presence of the distribution bodes well for our chances.


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