photos by Stephen Babcock
photos by Stephen Babcock

With a move from Inner Harbor to Locust Point, ad and brand agency Planit is part of a new neighborhood. Along with new life for the former Syrup King Molasses factory, founders Ed Callahan and Matt Doud are bringing a new meeting place.

On Monday, they officially opened the doors of Order & Chaos, a coffee shop that is directly adjacent to the agency’s office at 1410 Key Highway. Under General Manager Ryan Herzing, the shop is serving standard (order) and specialty (chaos) coffee, tea and espresso beverages. The coffee is supplied by nearby Pfefferkorn’s Coffee on Fort Ave. The espresso is made in a custom machine called the Slayer, which hails from Seattle. There’s also light fare, with Liége waffles being the standout.

General Manager Ryan Herzing (right)
General Manager Ryan Herzing (right)

The shop is a separate venture for the entrepreneurial founders, designed as a space for all creatives and the community to get together. But Doud was clear that they look at it as “an extension of our brand and an extension to the neighborhood.”

Doud said the design incorporates visual elements that are consistent with those inside the agency, including a mural on the ceiling that was designed by a Planit employee.


They want to provide a glimpse of what Planit does. Widows facing inward provide a direct look into the office. The coffee shop can also provide some insight to the work.

At a preview event on Thursday, three pictures of ads for wipes were posted, and customers could provide input about which design they liked the best.


Callahan said such experimentation “gives us the opportunity to learn more about consumers, test concepts and ideas and receive public opinions. Advertising is a stimulating industry and we hope guests will stop by to find out what we’re up to behind the glass walls.”

It’s also a place for employees to get coffee. They can access the caffeine without stepping outside via an unmarked rear door.

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.