Operation of the Edgar Allan Poe House in west Baltimore has been taken over by the B&O Railroad Museum. The hypercelebrated writer’s brief local residence lost its funding from the city in 2010 and was recently closed.

The museum’s goal is to hand the Poe House off to a newly formed non-profit after a year, by which time the tourist attraction is expected to be self-sufficient, though I don’t know yet how. The non-profit expects to pay $200,000 to $300,000 annually to run it, which is at least two and a half times more than what the city was paying to run it.

Are they going to hold Ravens games there? Turn it into a $1,000-a-night bed and breakfast? I mean, don’t know how many “Edgar Allan Boh” and “Nevermore, Hon” bumper stickers you’d have sell to support that kind of operating budget. Maybe the house could do a few high-profile endorsements — become the spokeshouse for Under Armour or Utz or something.