Pokemon Go Making Students Vulnerable to Robberies at UMD

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Pokemon Go

The newest game craze to sweep the nation is Pokemon Go. Pokemon, originally created in the 1990s, is a card game where kids trade character cards and have battles. Children everywhere were excited to try and catch them all. Those same kids are now attending college at The University of Maryland (UMD) and are struck with the same fever to “catch them all” they had when they were kids. Unfortunately, students have their heads down not paying attention to their surroundings, and in a second their cell phones are being swiped. According to The Washington Post, the first incident occurred at 9:08 p.m. outside Tydings Hall. And with no cell phone there’s no way to alert the police of the robbery, and the problem compounds and thieves get away.

Not being aware of surroundings

The one biggest problem with Pokemon Go is people are literally walking around with their faces glued to their smartphone. They are not even aware of when someone is approaching them, and that’s when you’re at the biggest risk of an attack. Just by knowing someone is coming at you, you have the ability to react to the situation and protect yourself. If by no other means, you can run from the attacker and find safety. Sometimes awareness is enough to prevent people from not only being robbed, but getting hurt by overzealous thieves. Those who choose to play the game should make a point to only looking down occasionally to see where the next eggs are then keep your head up and feet moving.

Exposing a valuable commodity

The average smartphone has a resale value of more than $100. When a criminal in search of an easy score sees someone just holding out the device, it’s too tempting to run away from low hanging fruit even if that property belongs to you! If you’re unlucky, not only will you lose your phone but you might find yourself knocked to the ground and in need of a dentist to fix the damage from your fall. Those with bigger phones are even more at risk because they are notoriously hard to hold. A thief can easily take the phone right out of your hands and go.

Decreasing likelihood of contacting police immediately

Of course, even if you escape being hit and having to go visit a dental group, you may still be out of luck. Without a cell phone to take a picture of the license of the getaway car, you have to memorize the numbers until you can write it down. Those thinking about assaulting, or robbing, people generally don’t if they feel the likelihood of getting caught is too high. Don’t make it any easier on Pokemon Go bandits. Play for fun, but protect yourself too by being more cautious on your cell phone.



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