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15 years later, Drew Nicholas reflects on game-winning shot

Credit: Ed Sheahin/PressBox
When it left his hand, he didn’t just think he had missed. He thought he had missed everything.

Area Colleges Join Call to Protect Undocumented Students, Staff from Trump Administration

JHU students protest Trump's immigration policy proposals. Courtesy JHU Hub.
JHU students protest Trump’s immigration policy proposals. Courtesy JHU Hub.

Students at Maryland colleges are petitioning school officials to protect undocumented immigrants on their campuses from new threats under a Trump administration. Some of their administrators appear to share the same concerns.

Pokemon Go Making Students Vulnerable to Robberies at UMD


Pokemon Go

The newest game craze to sweep the nation is Pokemon Go. Pokemon, originally created in the 1990s, is a card game where kids trade character cards and have battles.

UMd. Graduation Party Ends in Pepper Spraying by Police



An on-campus graduation party at the University of Maryland turned chaotic when police began pepper spraying guests, causing them to run screaming.