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15 years later, Drew Nicholas reflects on game-winning shot

Credit: Ed Sheahin/PressBox
When it left his hand, he didn’t just think he had missed. He thought he had missed everything.

It’s OK to Be Excited About the Ravens Win, But Don’t Lose Perspective

I understand why you’re excited. It might end up that you have every right to be excited.
For many fans, the Ravens’ 20-0 season-opening win on the road against the Cincinnati Bengals Sept. 10 proved the hype surrounding the team’s defense was justified. If you were among those who bought into the idea that this unit could rival the 2000 defense for being the best in franchise history, you likely feel as vindicated as a Dashboard Confessional song at this point.

Steve Bisciotti Opens Up About Ravens’ Interest In Colin Kaepernick

Photo via PressBox. Credit: Sabina Moran
Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti attended a Q&A session for fans with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell ahead of the team’s open practice at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, July 30.

Why You Should Follow Baltimore’s Tanya McFadden in the Boston Marathon


Boston Marathon Tanya McFadden

Courtesy PressBox – Allow me to peel the curtain back a little bit. While discussing some story ideas recently, the suggestion was made by PressBox managing editor Kaitlyn Wilson that I consider writing something about the upcoming Boston Marathon.

Being the team player that I aspire to be, I immediately said, “Sure, I can do that.” Of course, the involuntary “oh my God I have no idea what to say about the Boston Marathon” face I made suggested otherwise. Expanding horizons is a good thing though, so I pressed on in search of an angle.