Courtesy of Center Maryland – Maryland voters remain sharply divided on the state’s new same-sex marriage law, according to a new poll from OpinionWorks, with opponents of the law slightly ahead of supporters 43 percent to 40 percent.

“Although this result is within the poll’s margin of error, it is the intensity of feeling among same-sex marriage opponents that causes the overall result to lean slightly towards repeal,” said Steve Raabe, OpinionWorks President. While 37% of Maryland voters “strongly” feel they will vote to make same-sex marriage illegal in Maryland, only 31% of voters strongly feel they will vote to make it legal.

The poll of 601 Maryland registered voters — which was paid for by OpinionWorks and not commissioned by any advocacy group — was conducted March 16 to March 19, and has a margin of error of 4.0 percent.

To read the complete polling memo from OpinonWorks — including a look at different regions of the state and subgroups of voters by such categories as age and religious intensity — click here.