Preakness Will Stay in Baltimore, Says USA Today

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The idea of moving the Preakness Stakes from Pimlico to Laurel Park is more than the idle wish of a Washington Post columnist. It’s been “discuss[ed] openly” by The Stronach Group, which owns both race tracks and the Preakness. Not a chance, says USA Today. Let’s hope they’re right. 

The problem with Pimlico is that it’s so old and rundown that it can’t be improved a bit at a time. It would need a major investment in money to bring it up to date, money that might be better spent on Laurel Park, which has a more attractive location.

But USA Today‘s Chris Korman believes the key factor is going to be political support. He figures that”[it] would take a lot of money from Stronach to gin up political support for a move of the Preakness to Laurel. But a fraction of that money could buy goodwill in Baltimore.”

One way or another, Baltimore will keep the Preakness, he argues, because there are enough wealthy residents and city officials who will do what it takes to save it.

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