Prince George’s County Officials Have a Problem with This Nike Shoe

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The KD 8 PG County
The KD 8 PG County, via

If there are any Prince George’s County officials on your Christmas list you might want to think twice before buying them Kevin Durant’s new signature shoe.

The professional basketball player sought to “honor his Seat Pleasant roots and rise to superstardom” with Nike’s new KD 8 “P.G. County,” a sneaker sporting an eye-catching multi-color tongue and sole against a textured gray base that went on sale Wednesday.

But, reportedly Prince George’s County officials took exception to the abbreviation in the name, which some consider derogatory. NBC 4 went so far as to call it “taboo.” Barry Hudson, the county executive’s spokesman told the station that they “[a]ctually sent a letter to Nike kind of giving them some idea of the nature of the term ‘Prince George’s County’ versus ‘PG County’ just to let them know that it is, to many in the county, a pejorative.”

News to me! But as the Washington Post reports, it’s a long-running controversy. Former County Executive Wayne Curry told the Post in 2006 that it’s “a question of how your community is viewed.”

“Prince George’s had always been regarded by the rest of the region as the ‘ugliest stepsister.’” Curry said. “When we were referred to as P.G., it was a contraction. We were looking at what the summary depicted in the minds of those who said it.”

On the other hand Melvin McCray, Durant’s former coach, doesn’t seem to care. He told NBC 4, “I just think we all should just enjoy the moment and just embrace it.”




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