As a college preparatory institute, Glenelg Country School engages students in learning opportunities that shape their minds for higher education. In the upper school, students experience a variety of courses in humanities, science, math, world languages, civic leadership, and more. The stimulating academic curriculum keeps students motivated and engaged toward their collegiate goals.

The school’s Scholars Program provides students with the opportunity to pursue their passions, further develop skills, and graduate with distinction in one of five interdisciplinary areas of study: aesthetics and culture, convergent science, entrepreneurship, global leadership, or technology, engineering, and design. Students apply to the program and graduate with distinction.

With the support of a faculty mentor and a system of focused learning, which includes both specific coursework and experiential discovery, students build a portfolio of work that they defend before a faculty committee to earn distinction in their area of focus upon graduation. Most importantly, these scholars will cultivate their academic passions and build a foundation for future pursuits.

Aspects of the program include extracurricular analysis, internships, teaching opportunities, and more. Recent graduates focused on implicit bias research, orthopedic surgery, and business management by completing college-level courses, a Yale EXPO session, fundraising challenges, and internships.

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