Friends School of Baltimore is proud to launch a robust computer science program for the 2022–23 school year featuring an array of interesting and rigorous course options for students in grades 9–12. This new department will allow students to explore a wide range of topics and build skills in multiple areas. 

Founded on a set of universal competencies, the curriculum encourages students to reflect on the same core set of coding disciplines, habits of mind, and algorithmic thought processes for every project. Further, it is designed to ensure that students maintain focused, meaningful, and observable growth whether they take one class or five.

The STEM offerings span from entry level courses in Physical Computing, Web Design and Data and Code, to high level Advanced Computer Science 2, which teaches advanced techniques in algorithm analysis and design. More offerings are under development and will be open for enrollment in the fall of 2023.   

Additionally, extensive upgrades have been made to the physical space where computer science classes are taught. The redesigned classroom space provides more flexibility for students to work together on problems and projects, and includes additional high-performance computers and state-of-the-art consumer 3D printers. Friends now has one of the most diverse and challenging computer science offerings of any school in Baltimore.

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