Glenelg Country School’s Scholars Program provides students the opportunity to pursue their passions and further develop skills. Students apply to the program and graduate with distinction in one of five areas of study. Through specific coursework and experiential discovery, students build a portfolio of work they will defend before faculty. Students may earn distinction in one of five areas: aesthetics and culture; entrepreneurship; convergent science; global leadership; or technology, engineering, and design. Most importantly, these scholars will cultivate their academic passion and build a foundation for future pursuits. Students may apply beginning in the third trimester their sophomore year. Each area of distinction has specific requirements in six main areas:

❱ Specific Coursework – Guides scholars to the right classes to follow their passions.

❱Hands-On Learning – Provides real-world experience to scholars.

❱ Extracurricular Analysis – Encourages scholars to immerse themselves and deepen their understanding in an area of focus.

❱ Teaching – Provides opportunities for scholars to share their passions with the school and ignite passions in others.

❱ Integrative Seminar – Focuses the scholar’s capstone paper and encourages in-depth analysis.

❱ Portfolio – Presents scholars’ completed work to reflect on what they have learned.

The stimulating academic curriculum of the Scholars Program keeps students motivated and engaged toward their collegiate goals.

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