Photo Caption: Shown is the STEM lab mural that was gifted to SJPDS by the graduating class of 2022 


St. Johns Parish Day School (SJPDS), a co-ed Episcopal School in Ellicott City, MD, has implemented a one-of-a-kind STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program to enhance its already rigorous and academically-diverse curriculum. STEM programs prepare students to solve problems, make sense of complex information, and understand how to gather and evaluate evidence to make advanced decisions in and outside of the classroom. By implementing the STEM program into all curriculums, ages three to grade five, students are being given the opportunity to understand the world around them through interdisciplinary, project-based learning, and student-led discovery. 

With the world becoming so heavily reliant on technology, SJPDS knows that it is never too early to learn how to code, collect and evaluate data, solve complex real-world problems, and learn through action. The program focuses on integrating several subjects at once, supporting individual content areas and integrated experiences alike. Enhancing students’ knowledge and understanding of technology through discovery help to ensure they are being set up for success in their futures in and out of the classroom experience. 

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