At The St. Paul’s Schools, students have unique opportunities to develop cultural fluency skills critical to 21st-century leadership through global partnerships, experiences, and exchanges. Shared learning experiences allow students in both the middle and upper schools at St. Paul’s School for Girls and St. Paul’s School for Boys to engage with other cultures, consider new perspectives, and immerse themselves in the languages they study. Students, faculty, and administrators who participate in these experiences share their knowledge with the school community and inspire others to think globally across disciplines. With partner schools across four continents, upper school students can study in Japan, China, Germany, Spain, France, Argentina, or Australia through a global exchange. Students also have short-term global opportunities to study geothermal activity in Iceland, experience service-learning in Costa Rica and Panama, explore historical World War II sites across Europe, and participate in international Model United Nations conferences, the most recent of which took IB Global Politics students to Johannesburg, South Africa for the African Leadership Academy’s African Model Union.

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