The opportunity to learn and grow extends far beyond the classroom at Oldfields School. Offering beautiful surroundings, genuine friendships, and boundless futures, the Day Student Program offers the best of both worlds.

Making up 20-25 percent of enrollment, day students experience all the benefits that boarding school offers while staying close to home. They are fully integrated, whether enjoying breakfast, attending study hall or participating in weekend gatherings. With 18 percent international enrollment, students gain a global perspective, allowing them to see the world in new ways. Additionally, over half of the faculty live on campus, making guidance from trusted teachers readily available. This 24/7 aspect allows students to truly know teachers and classmates, leading them to knowing themselves better. Moments like these are magical, and happen frequently at Oldfields. The result is education with a deeper level of personal connection that opens doors (and minds) to opportunities for discovery.

The family-like sense of warmth and welcoming that encompasses the Oldfields experience is unmatched. The school not only becomes a home for all students, but the people become family. Add to that their intentionally small size, personalized learning, tuition assistance programs, and flexibility with on-campus and remote learning options (unique to present times), the school is a great choice.

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