St. John’s Parish Day School, a co-ed Episcopal school for students ages three through grade five, is launching a new STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) curriculum to enhance their interdisciplinary, project-based, and student-centered approach to learning. Promoting the development and application of what has been taught and learned in new and different ways, this interdisciplinary curriculum approach encourages all involved to develop meaningful links in ways that intrigue and motivate students as well as help them make connections within their studies and the world.

The new curriculum will include faculty training throughout the summer, transforming the lower school science lab into a STEM lab, and the early childhood science lab into a Maker Space lab for enhanced project-based learning.

For the 2020-21 school year, SJPDS will be providing in-person, online or blended learning options. The school understands that the social-emotional growth of students is just as important as the academic. Through in-person, online or blended learning options, SJPDS will abound with reading, writing, cultural explorations, STEM advancements, newly designed approaches to visual and performing arts, chapel in classrooms and independent projects, all of which provide continuous learning in a warm, caring and supportive environment.

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