The Catholic High School of Baltimore’s Biomedical Program is a strategic addition to the school’s already robust academic curriculum. This four-year program is designed to allow students to explore medical sciences based on their interests and abilities. This is accomplished with a variety of coursework that is not available in most high schools, courses that include, epidemiology, biotechnology, and bioethics. Learning also takes place outside the classroom, as students often participate in programs such as the National Institute of Health Summer Internship Program, Floating Doctors international trip to Panama, and live surgery opportunities.

Taking learning to the next level, Catholic High combines biomedical scientific literacy with a hands-on/minds-on approach. Peg Prentice, Biomedical Program Team Leader, shares, “I’ve never seen another high school that offers students such a real-world, immersive experience like our Biomedical Program. Most students don’t have opportunities like this until they are in nursing or medical school. Our students are uniquely prepared for almost any biomedical college coursework and beyond. It really is a game changer.”

This fall, the school will open its exciting, new clinical simulation lab to provide hands-on learning experiences for students to develop real-world clinical skills using advanced health care technology.

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