We had a friend visiting from Poland last weekend who asked about a girl he saw at the Inner Harbor who was “dressed like a goddess.”  We explained that she was going to the prom and was there to take pictures. It made us realize how unusual this funny high school ritual must look to others. 

Proms have changed over the years and now include elaborate asks (from signs at school to videos on You Tube), post-parties, post-post parties, group dates, co-ed slumber parties and prom “goddesses.” But the pre-prom photo op remains the same: kids assemble looking their dressed-up best while mom and dad snap away. We’d love to post your prom pictures on Inside the Fishbowl on the Community page. You can post them yourself too. We already have a few. 

A few weeks ago we asked readers to post their prom horror stories.  The winning entry comes from Mrs. Batworth, who wrote: 

“It was 1977 and my then-best friend had a boyfriend, so she was hell-bent on going to the prom, and wanted me to go with her. I couldn’t find a date, so she told her little brother he had to escort me. I was mortified. Then-best friend wore red, slinky satin; I wore a recycled, very prim Gunne Sax dress in pale green. She and her boyfriend spent the whole evening making out while I tried to make conversation with my 15 year-old date. We danced to “Fooled Around and Fell In Love.” He was a very nice kid and surprisingly gracious, and I’ve always had the sense that he grew up to be a great human being.” 

She wins a $50 gift certificate from Pazo! Please email us Mrs. Batworth at info@BaltimoreFishbowl.com to claim your prize.