Proprietor: Pam and Brent Berwager of Sprezzatura Share their Gift-Giving Expertise

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In the two years since it opened, Sprezzatura in Stevenson Village has earned a reputation among Baltimore’s best gift-givers as a place to find sophisticated and well-designed items – to give as gifts or keep for themselves.

The duo behind the shop, husband-and-wife team Pam and Brent Berwager, pride themselves on their shop’s collection of high quality, interesting products. Here, they share a bit about what goes on behind the scenes at Sprezzatura and some of their favorite items in the shop right now:


How did you get started at Sprezzatura? What made you open the shop?

We recognized a need in Baltimore for a shopping experience that emphasized good design, attention to detail, and personal service in the areas of home décor, art and fashion.


What is it like working together as a couple?

Our business engages us seven days a week, so being both husband and wife and business partners provides certain distinct advantages: each of us has in the other a collaborator who is available 24 hours a day.


What’s the story behind the name Sprezzatura?

Valentino once said that Jackie Kennedy exemplified the notion of Sprezzatura; in a nutshell, it’s about living a life where one cares about, and is successful at, fashioning a life that values good taste, and a sense of balance in design. Overall, we would define Sprezzatura as an informed and enlightened approach to personal style.


Why did you choose Stevenson Village as a location?

What drew us to Stevenson Village initially was the beauty and pastoral nature of surrounding Greenspring Valley. It never disappoints and it always inspires.


How do you choose what to carry in the shop? And what makes your selection different from other local stores?

Over the course of a month, we look at hundreds of potential products to carry in our shop and only a few are actually selected. One might say that our criteria is subjective, but we look for timeless design, clean line, sophistication, superior construction and of course, beauty.


What is your favorite thing in the shop right now?

We have a number of favorite things in the shop – it’s hard to narrow it down to one thing. It depends on the season, too. Now that we’re in the holiday season, the thing that we like the most are our boxwood wreathes. They come in squares and rounds and different sizes; there’s also garland. Both the wreathes and garland are preserved, so they will keep their look for many years.


What is your go-to holiday gift recommendation?

Our Foo Dogs. We work with a high-end Chinese porcelain studio and we get very high quality work. Right now, the go-to thing for a gift is one of our variety of Foo Dogs. They are porcelain and in different colors. For example, one pair is white and another pair is blue in tone but has many colors.

A Foo Dog’s job is to guard the home and garden – and we think they’re a great complement to any home décor.

Sprezzaturra is located in Stevenson Village at 10429 Stevenson Road in Stevenson, MD. For more information, visit



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