Protesters Interrupt Hogan in Annapolis for Not Publicly Opposing Trump

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Hogan at a 2016 speaking event in Bethesda.

Everything was going pretty normally today at a State Board of Public Works Meeting – that is, until three women stood up to voice their displeasure at Gov. Larry Hogan’s soft stance on our controversial president.

A video taken by the Baltimore Sun’s Michael Dresser shows two women effectively stealing the mic at a public meeting of the three-member board comprising Hogan, State Comptroller Peter Franchot and Treasurer Nancy Kopp in Annapolis.

The first woman, identified by Dresser as Samantha Easton, stood up to talk about her child who was born at a low weight and receives medication under insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act. She cut Hogan off as he was talking, to which he replied, “Would you like to, maybe, at the end of the hearing speak so –” before he was cut off.

She continued, “We are asking you to speak up against the current administration’s agenda,” referring to Donald Trump’s plans to repeal the ACA. When Hogan responded that he has made health care one of Maryland’s top priorities in Washington, Easton said, “We are not Washington. We are your constituents. We are your people.”

Easton was escorted out, and the meeting carried on until another woman identified by Dresser as Sophia Marjanovic stood up to voice her concerns about the domestic violence remaining an important national issue with Trump in the White House.

“I am concerned that under the Trump administration, women will be treated badly and you’re not going to stand up for us,” she said as she was being escorted out by a police officer. “We need to see you stand up strong to the Trump administration, because…when our president is saying stuff like, ‘Grab women by the p***y, we are in danger.”

Dresser also reports that a third woman, Susan Ungar, tried to approach the board at the front of the room but was denied access and also escorted away.

Hogan was a vocal opponent of Trump’s during campaign season, and made it clear he wasn’t supporting him on Election Day by writing in his own father for president. However, in the months since, he’s backed off of any divisive rhetoric about the president, telling radio shows that he is prioritizing Maryland’s issues and is more concerned about using taxpayer money to sue the president.

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