Protesters Tweeted Out Interim BPD Commissioner’s Cell Phone Number

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Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 11.08.58 AMAs protesters were occupying City Hall on Wednesday night, several tweeted out the cell phone number for Interim Police Commissioner Kevin Davis. That begs the question of how they got his number in the first place.

According to WBAL, Davis gave someone from the group his number, and said he wanted to meet with them later in the week.

“Instead of using that as an opportunity for communication, they tweeted his phone number to the world,” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said.

The protesters remained in an upper balcony of City Hall long after a City Council committee voted to approve Davis as the permanent police commissioner. They said they wanted to meet with Davis, and had a list of demands. They wanted police to do away with military-style equipment, and for all officers to wear name tags when interacting with the public, among other requests.

Later in the night, 16 demonstrators were arrested for protesting. But that wasn’t the end of the social media. According to Fox45, one of the arrested demonstrators was able to sneak a cell phone into the police transport van after he was detained, and record a video inside. Davis called that a “security breach.”

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