Public Housing Residents Protest Third Day With No Water or Heat

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At Lakeview Towers, a public housing building in Reservoir Hill, residents have not had running water or het since Thursday. And residents, many of whom are elderly and/or disabled, are protesting.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the water was shut off in order to repair a broken pump. Baltimore Housing said that residents were given jugs of water, and that two “hospitality apartments” were available to residnets–presumably for their bathing and/or bathroom needs. But Lakeview residents told the Sun that the amount provided was not enough to bathe or flush toilets. The building has been without water-powered heating pipes and radiators, too–and some residents have compensated by turning on the stove for heat.

Baltimore’s public housing is plagued with problems including leaky ceilings, rat and roach infestations, and mildew. The city has recently announced plans to sell off many of its public housing buildings, including Lakeview Terrace, to private developers (who received huge tax breaks, natch). Some people have voiced concerns that the city has cut back on maintenance in anticipation of the sales.

This is a shameful way to treat some of our most vulnerable neighbors.

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