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Hollins House Apartments Reopen After $10 Million Renovation

Photo via Housing Authority of Baltimore City

The Hollins House apartments in West Baltimore’s Poppleton neighborhood have reopened after a $10 million renovation.

Ben Carson Got Stuck in an Elevator in Miami While Touring a Public Housing Complex


In a scary and ironic twist of fate, retired Hopkins surgery great-turned-U.S. Housing Secretary Ben Carson this morning became trapped in exactly the kind of facility of which he has disapproved.

Housing Authority Hires 80 New Workers



Isn’t it great when good old-fashioned journalism works? Earlier this month, the Baltimore Sun published an investigation by Yvonne Wenger into the shoddy state of affairs in Baltimore public housing, where residents have to wait months to get someone to fix doors that won’t lock, leaky roofs, and other crucial repairs. [EDIT: As our astute commenters have pointed out, this story was originally broken by Roberto Alejandro in the Afro-American, way back in July.] After the article was published, the Baltimore City Council got up in arms, calling the lack of repairs “unconscionable.” And then the city actually did something about it!

Baltimore Housing Authority Scandals Become National News

Photo via Baltimore City Paper
Photo via Baltimore City Paper

Baltimore Housing Authority, the local body charged with administering the city’s public housing, is having a bad year. To put it mildly.

Public Housing Residents Protest Third Day With No Water or Heat



At Lakeview Towers, a public housing building in Reservoir Hill, residents have not had running water or het since Thursday. And residents, many of whom are elderly and/or disabled, are protesting.