Housing Authority Hires 80 New Workers

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Isn’t it great when good old-fashioned journalism works? Earlier this month, the Baltimore Sun published an investigation by Yvonne Wenger into the shoddy state of affairs in Baltimore public housing, where residents have to wait months to get someone to fix doors that won’t lock, leaky roofs, and other crucial repairs. [EDIT: As our astute commenters have pointed out, this story was originally broken by Roberto Alejandro in the Afro-American, way back in July.] After the article was published, the Baltimore City Council got up in arms, calling the lack of repairs “unconscionable.” And then the city actually did something about it!

Embattled Baltimore Housing Authority chief Paul Graziano announced yesterday that the BHA would hire 80 new workers, including 50 maintenance workers, to deal with the repair backlog. Graziano pretty much needed to knock this one out of the park to keep his job, considering the many scandals plaguing his office at the moment. It’s unclear how the new positions will be funded — the BHA told the Sun it was finding the extra money through “efficiencies,” whatever that means to an agency that’s so cash-strapped it’s having to sell off 23 high-rises to private developers.

Let’s hope this move actually results in better conditions for the thousands of people living in Baltimore’s public housing.

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  1. Rachel, the Sun did not break the story and should not be credited with pushing it into the conversation. Roberto Alejandro of the Afro American Newspapers and onbckgrnd podcast broke the story months before the Sun got around to covering it. Please add or correct. Thanks, Owen

  2. It’s true, this story was not broken by the Sun. Here are some additional links to reporting that predates the Sun’s: http://www.onbckgrnd.com/?p=579; http://www.onbckgrnd.com/?p=573; http://www.onbckgrnd.com/?p=608. Those pieces were more outlines than stories, but the first formal report came out in the AFRO: http://www.afro.com/baltimores-gilmor-homes-residents-claim-long-delays-for-basic-fixes/. But thank you for continuing to feed the myth, so alive and well in Baltimore, that statements are only true when White people validate them.

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