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Baltimore Clayworks Plans to Sell One or Both of its Buildings in Mount Washington

Photo via Mount Washington Village Association

Strapped for cash and facing a sizable amount of debt, Baltimore’s only community nonprofit devoted to the ceramic arts is looking to sell one or both of its historic properties and potentially leave its Mount Washington campus behind.

Studio 14 Owner Eyes Reopening After Rehearsal Space Shuttered by Fire Department

Photo courtesy Scott Gately

After two very long weeks, Studio 14 owner Scott Gately finally sees a light at the end of the tunnel for when he can reopen his building.

DPW Meets With Mt. Vernon Dwellers, Councilman Costello Over Construction Conflicts

Courtesy Councilman Eric Costello/Twitter
Courtesy Councilman Eric Costello/Twitter

Last week, DPW personnel met face-to-face with Mt. Vernon residents at a meeting to address growing frustration over ongoing roadwork. The outcome was a clear timeline for when the city expects to finish work on sewers connected to two sinkholes that have caused disruption in the historic neighborhood.

Councilman Costello Criticizes DPW Over Communication About Utility Work

Photo courtesy Baltimore DPW
Photo of a sinkhole from July, courtesy Baltimore DPW

Councilman Eric Costello is tired of hearing about surprise road repairs from residents and merchants in Mt. Vernon and Seton Hill.

After Six Decades, Baynesville Electronics is Closing Its Doors

photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

Another longtime Baltimore area business is closing. This time, it’s Baynesville Electronics, a well-known independent retailer of electric parts and computer equipment, located at 1631 East Joppa Road and operated by the Smith family.

Housing Authority Hires 80 New Workers



Isn’t it great when good old-fashioned journalism works? Earlier this month, the Baltimore Sun published an investigation by Yvonne Wenger into the shoddy state of affairs in Baltimore public housing, where residents have to wait months to get someone to fix doors that won’t lock, leaky roofs, and other crucial repairs. [EDIT: As our astute commenters have pointed out, this story was originally broken by Roberto Alejandro in the Afro-American, way back in July.] After the article was published, the Baltimore City Council got up in arms, calling the lack of repairs “unconscionable.” And then the city actually did something about it!