Pugh Joins Leaders on Climate Change: ‘We Are Still In’

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Coastal flooding is expected to increase due to climate change making Inner Harbor flooding more commonplace.

After President Trump announced U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate agreement last week, 248 mayors signed onto a pledge to stay with their greening efforts. In that case, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh was not a signee (though she did release a statement over the weekend). However, Pugh is among the signatories of a new document.

The We Are Still In pledge, which brings together public and university leaders who intend to continue to work toward complying with the Paris agreement. From the pledge:

It is imperative that the world know that in the U.S., the actors that will provide the leadership necessary to meet our Paris commitment are found in city halls, state capitals, colleges and universities, investors and businesses,” the Together, we will remain actively engaged with the international community as part of the global effort to hold warming to well below 2℃ and to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy that will benefit our security, prosperity, and health.

Other local leaders signed on include UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski, MICA President Samuel Hoi and University of Maryland Baltimore President Jay Perman. Companies can also join, and Under Armour is among them.

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