Puppy Found Left for Dead in Columbia in March Now Healthy, Up for Adoption

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Animal handler Taylor Hawkins with Eddy the dog. Still via Howard County Police Department/Twitter.

A puppy that was found dying in a plastic container in Columbia a month ago has made a resurgent comeback.

In late March, Howard County police reminded the world just how cruel humans can be after finding a poor, starving pit bull puppy inside a container. Evidently, its owner had left it to die before authorities rescued the dog. He was missing patches of fur and was extremely malnourished, police said.

They’re still looking for the dog’s neglectful owner, but authorities shared some good news today: the puppy, nicknamed Eddy, has made a full recovery and is up for adoption.

The Howard County Police Department shared a video update about Eddy on its Twitter account this morning. (It’s a tearjerker.) In the short clip, animal handler Taylor Hawkins from the Howard County Animal Shelter tells of how she took Eddy home with her every night to make sure he was eating and taking his medication.

“The first night I took him home, he was kind of lethargic, he didn’t really get up a lot like a normal puppy would,” she says in the video. “But as the weeks went on, he got much better. He would wake up in the middle of the night, be like, ‘come play with me, wake up.’”

Animal Control Officer Christine Gayo discovered Eddy in the container on March 25. As she put it in the video shared today, he “is a completely brand new puppy” one month out.

Police say Eddy is now up for adoption. Anyone interested in taking him in can call 410-313-2780.

Police are still searching for the person who abandoned him, meanwhile. Anyone with information about that can call the same number.

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