Rainy Weekend Forecast Leaves Parents Concerned About Sanity

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Three-story "urban treehouse" at Port Discovery!
Three-story “urban treehouse” at Port Discovery!

IT’S GONNA RAIN TOMORROW!!?? On a Saturday? You have GOT to be kidding me!

My house is packed with three tiny humans who have an unflagging need to run, jump, wrestle, explore. On a crisp, sunny, fall Saturday, this boundless energy is a beautiful thing. On a sunny day, when I can banish them outside, my darling children are just as beautiful as a postcard, people. I promise. I’m not even biased. It’s just a fact—they look so cute frolicking in the sun-dappled leaves, all smiles and joy.

Ok, but I swear, you bottle up all that energy on a rainy Saturday and keep them inside, they transform into people I’ve never even met. It’s scary. All of a sudden that playful wrestling amongst the rainbow array of fall leaves becomes an all-out smackdown that rivals WWF. It takes about two minutes before the baby is trampled, our deluxe IKEA furniture is broken and I’m on my fourth cup of coffee just to keep up.

So we gotta do something. We can’t go outside, so we gotta go somewhere INSIDE where they can get that energy out and no one will mind. In our house, the answer is Port Discovery. People, they have a three-story playground there. I repeat: a THREE-STORY playground! They call it an “urban treehouse,” which sounds about right for my little rascals. Your kids will get so worn out after climbing, running, sliding on this thing, that they may maintain a normal, calm state for a full two hours. Call Guinness Book of World Records, because that’s gotta be a record for a rainy Saturday.

"Indoor water fun."
“Indoor water fun.”

And you know what else I like? You know how you have that mom-guilt for not reading to and teaching your kids enough? Well, Port Discovery is a museum. Which means smart educator-types have disguised actual learning as play so your kids will actually learn something. How sneaky. And awesome.

And one more cool thing about tomorrow, October 1st—every first Saturday of the month is “Healthy First Saturday,” which means they can do even more energy-burning exercise like yoga, Kinderfit! and more.

Port Discovery--our sanity-saver!
Port Discovery–our sanity-saver!

So do yourself a favor: go ahead and buy tickets online today so that you’re prepared for the dreaded rainy Saturday. Your kids—and your sanity—will thank you.

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Laura Farmer is a PR & Communications Consultant for MarketPoint—which is a fancy way of saying that several hours a week, she gets to sit at a desk and sip coffee uninterrupted by her children.

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