Bradley Manning, 23, the army private accused of sending hundreds of thousands of classified government cables to whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks will come to Fort Meade on Friday for a preliminary five-day hearing on espionage charges, for which he could face life imprisonment.

The Bradley Manning Support Network has organized demonstrations for both Friday and Saturday outside Fort Meade. The group says Saturday’s march will be coordinated with protests in over fifty other locations.

Among Manning’s supporters who will participate in the weekend’s demonstrations is Daniel Ellsberg, the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers. Ellsberg has repeatedly defended Manning’s alleged leak, and stressed that there is no substantive difference between the actions of the two whistleblowers.

One reply on “Rally Scheduled at Fort Meade This Weekend in Support of Bradley Manning”

  1. Hoo-boy, isn’t this a tough one! Pvt. Manning may have divulged classified information, which may have given al-Quida terrorists the means to prolong a guerilla-style conflict – – or he may have revealed mis-classified documents which would enable forces to defeat the al-Qaida by removing the military from the field of battle.
    The facts of the case are not in clear sight yet, so weighing in on the proper disposition of Pvt. Manning are surely premature. Clearly, no one, even a person convicted of malicious crimes, should be tortured at the hands of officials representing us; but at the same time no one being held in suspicion of treason (“aiding the enemy”) should expect to be kept in comfort.

    Ft. Meade is neither a friendly place nor a dungeon; it was the location, years ago, of my pre-induction physical; and as such, not a pleasant memory. But it is just another Army base for all of that. It is not Guantanamo.

    In due time, we will all learn what the court martial, following arguments by JAG attorneys, decide. And may God have mercy on us all.

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