Rand Paul Thinks He Knows What Baltimore’s Problem Is

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Photo by Brian Cahn/ZUMA
Photo by Brian Cahn/ZUMA


Yesterday, presidential candidate Rand Paul spoke at a fundraiser for Baltimore County Republicans. In his speech, he offered a diagnosis for what he sees as the root of Baltimore’s recent troubles. Is it police violence? Pfft, of course not. Decades of racist housing policies leading to entrenched disenfranchisement and poverty? No way! How can Baltimore struggle with racism if we have a black mayor, after all?

So how, then, do we fix Baltimore’s problems? For Paul, the answer is simple: “We lower the taxes on the business people so they hire more people.” (To be fair, Paul also touched on criminal justice reform and walked back some of his previous comments about the Baltimore unrest that many found offensive, too.)

In a way, I wish Paul was right. If only we could fix all our problems by a simple tweak of the tax code!

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  1. Mr. Obrien, Our governor goes by the name of Hogan and he was elected on a platform of dealing with excessive taxes, perhaps if the message is that far off you could explain his election?

  2. His real point was that we have a failed policy of spending (wasting) money on ineffective programs to supplement the disinfranchised population when we could offer tax relief to companies in targeted areas to create more jobs in order to pull individuals out of poverty.

  3. It wouldnt hurt to tweak the tax code. I employ 6 people and my business is located in the city. If you are a small business person, you will surely agree that the “Personal Property Tax” levied not only by the state but ALSO by the city is particularly onerous, and is triple taxation (sales tax at purchase, then state tax, then city tax on all property a business owns, every year minus depreciation for all items over $200.) This is a BS tax and as a liberal, even I want it gone.

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