In light of last night’s incredible performance by Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker, we thought we’d put this post from earlier this fall on the home page so you could learn a little more about the football hero. – The Eds.

In the NFL, the placekicker is the most specialized position. Often, kickers even get to leave practices early. So if that’s your job, it probably helps to have a hobby. Fortunately,  Justin Tucker has several.

The Raven — whose game-winning field goal in double-overtime against the Broncos sent the team to the AFC championship game last year — sings opera in no less than seven languages, raps, and dabbles in electronic music. Oh, and he also drinks a lot of Dr. Pepper. Or at least that’s the story in his nearly three-minute commercial for the soft drink’s “One of a Kind” campaign.

The ad features Tucker belting it out in a concert hall and rapping about Dr. Pepper in his car (which comes off like a freestyle, but it couldn’t be — right?). There’s also plenty of poetic, slow-motion kicking.

Feast your eyes: