"Ravens Nation" Video Goes Viral

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“Ravens Nation,” a video by Ravens fans from Pasadena and around Anne Arundel County was posted two days ago and already has over 28,000 views.

According to the youtube description:

“They’re professionals, so even if hip-hop isn’t your thing the crisp video editing will keep you engaged. The footage cut together of Johnny U throwing a bomb to Anquan Boldin is really nice touch. If you dig it, support the artists, send ’em a comment or something on their You Tube page. You can also download it for free if you send ’em an email.

Enjoy & GO RAVENS!”

Here are the lyrics to the song, Ravens Nation:

We are the Ravens Nation

Smash mouth is the game
In the town that we claim
Home crowd taking aim 
Baltimore’s so relentless
On the ground it’s no gain
Through the air it’s the same
“Purple Reign”
You know how our defense is
Sugar Ray’s got the gang fired up 
Crowd pumped, Ray Rice about to break another one loose
Ball so hard, Sizzle’s in charge
And you know you’re getting nada running toward the big nine deuce
Joe Cool’s bout to school your D
My team wants nothing less than some jewelry
We’ll smash through your line with another quick blitz
And here comes Ed Reed with another pick six
Leach is drilling, Torrey’s thrilling
What more can I say? We killing ’em
Anquan’s illing, Webb is stealing
Wait till it’s Sunday… We killing ’em

Beast mode is achieved, let it feast, let it breathe
Let it demonstrate technique talent and speed
Ray Rice so nice like he has thrice feet
And the full back’s full stacked, “lights out Leach”
Ball Hawkin’ Reed, Webb that weaves,
A city and a team full of MVPs
Four quarters and a dream, legendary
Harbaugh, hard ball weaponry
Smith so quick that they think it’s the shoes
Joe pitching to Pitta or Q getting loose
Ray Ray with the play behind the big six two
Or 53 with the D and Ngata busting through
Once we do, the rest will follow
55 on the side, he’s a real big problem
Pollard’s on the prowl popping collars
Ball So Hard Alma Mater, Passionate Scholars

We’ll protect this house, this home, castle, throne, battle zone
When the pass is thrown, even the pastor knows
Hail Marys can’t save you, we’ll crack you bones
Chuckie P’s got the scheme and my whole team knows 
It’s “W.hat’s I.mportant N.ow”
Got the D. and the O. so we DO big things
And “the Raven’s touching DOwn”
Lombardi, I’m sorry it’s a Bmore party the trophy’s leaving town
In the hands of the flock to the city by the dock
Johnny U would be so proud
Charm city’s feeling good from the Harbor to the hood
Cuz we move those chains, move those chains, move those chains, HUUUUU!


Thank you to the Free State Workshop for uploading it on youtube and making it available to us.




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