Ray Lewis

Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has been fired from his gig as an ESPN analyst.

Lewis’s departure is part of a wave of personnel changes for ESPN’s NFL coverage. Cris Carter and former Ravens quarterback Trent Dilfer are also reportedly through at the sports network while Mike Ditka will be “taking a step back.”

A specific reason for the firing has not surfaced, but Lewis’s time as an analyst earned him mixed reviews, such as this one in The Boston Globe, which conceded that Lewis “has an intense charisma” and is “entertaining,” but went on:

“Lewis emphasizes and over-enunciates random words. He is addicted to the pregnant pause. He proselytizes to obfuscate. He requires these affectations in a desperate attempt to give his words the weight they lack. It works only on the already converted. “

No word yet on what Lewis might do next, but Baltimore Beatdown wondered aloud whether the firing might create an opportunity for the future Hall of Famer to join the Ravens coaching staff.

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