Betsy Boyd, Baltimore Fishbowl’s senior editor, is teaching a writing class focusing on “book-building” at the Creative Alliance starting next week.

The workshop “Let’s Get it Started in Here!” begins February 14 and meets four consecutive Tuesdays from 7-9pm. Boyd, who teaches writing at MICA, will give writers that motivational and editorial push they need to complete short stories or structure a book.

Not sure if you are ready to commit? Boyd says, “An idea alone is fine, but if they’ve started writing, we can mine those early pages.”

Writers will be expected to bring five to 10 new pages minimum each week, portions of which will be shared aloud. They will receive constructive feedback from one another as well as from Boyd during class. Boyd says, “I will close-read all the latest work during the week that follows and share my feedback more thoroughly one-on-one.”

If writers get stumped, Boyd has some solutions such as, “posing a pesky question to yourself and free-writing a set of three possible answers,” she says. “Or free-writing from the first-person POV of an ostensibly minor character.”

Both fiction and creative nonfiction writers are welcome.

Six years ago I walked nervously into a similar writing workshop at the Creative Alliance. By the end, I’d made several close friends whom I continue to write and dine with. Some of them have gone on to publish books and win awards. You never know the talent bubbling inside of you until you uncork it.