6502 Abbey View Way, Towson
4br/3.5 ba
Maybe a little over the top? What won’t come into question is the designer’s devotion to “going all the all the way” in this Towson townhouse. I might describe it as “gratuitously glam”, but if you’re looking for the maintenance-free high life I wouldn’t completely dismiss this one.
There are a lot of beautiful elements in the mix here (luxe wallpapers, quality built-ins, interesting light fixtures) and none of it appears to have come cheap. I think this one might be as simple as “before walking out the door, remove one accessory.” In other words, perform a classic make under. Doing so could turn this tarty mistress into an elegant wife that you can stay with for the long haul. Visualize: Drinking a mimosa is your pink silk robe. I didn’t say to exterminate the glamour, just turn in down a notch.
331 Tuscany Road, Baltimore
4 br/3.5 ba
Let’s do it together …“It’s soooo cute.” Really, it is. This Canterbury tudor packs more “nook and cranny” charm in its entryway than resides in all of most homes. Original leaded glass windows, tucked away window seats and dormered bedrooms are straight out of the children’s literature section.
The fun stops, however, when we get to the “abundance of customizations & upgrades.” Maybe people should start calling me when they plan these renovations? In lieu of my humble opinion, you can always stick to this guideline: stay in keeping with the style and age of your home! Then you will avoid the travesty that is gold-toned bathroom fixtures mixed with exposed coated mesh baskets that we have in bathrooms here. Visualize: Developing  an Anglophile aesthetic. It would go so well in this home.

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