The Regal Snowden Square movie theater in Columbia will close July 26. Screenshot via Google Maps.
The Regal Snowden Square movie theater in Columbia will close July 26. Screenshot via Google Maps.

Sad. Heartbroken. Not surprised. These are some reactions after a message appeared on the Regal Snowden Square movie theater’s website Monday and circulated on social media announcing that it will close its doors on July 26.

“Alert: Regal UA Snowden Square is closing July 26. You can still enjoy the best place to watch a movie at these nearby theatres: Regal Laurel Town Center, Regal Waugh Chapel,” the website’s message reads.

The announcement caused Reddit and Twitter users to share their favorite moments at the theater. But hours later, patrons who contacted the theater learned that the closure was temporary, and that the theater would reopen relatively shortly under the Cinemark brand.

Still, the initial news prompted an outpouring of support.

“Damn, so many great memories at that theater,” Reddit user Mar-Civac said. “Wife and I had our first date there, camped out for Star Wars episode 1 tickets with all my highschool friends for 48 hours, and saw Transformers 8 times in two days there :-)”

A Twitter user said they were heartbroken by the initial announcement.

“The movie theater I grew up going to is closing July 26. I’m absolutely heartbroken,” said Twitter user FilmnSports21.

One person said it had long been their movie theater of choice.

“This is sad! Favorite go-to theatre for years,” Reddit user howard_co_realtor said.

Others were not surprised by the theater’s announcement.

“What surprises me more is that enough people patronize movie theaters to keep them in business when home entertainment setups are better and more accessible than ever,” Reddit user Mysteryweapon said. 

Another Reddit user said they noticed the theater had been less crowded lately, a change from a couple of years ago when the theater had parking issues because of all the movie-goers.

“Damn. This was mine and my wife’s preferred theater by a longshot,” Reddit user BucketOfGuts said.”

“I can’t say I’m too surprised. Feel like every time we’ve gone to the movies lately, the place was empty, even on days you’d expect them to be packed, like a Marvel opening night. Only a few years ago, we had to park in the side parking lot on those Thursday nights and now we essentially get a parking spot up front. I know that probably goes for a lot of movie theaters, but it just seemed super obvious at the Regal since it was standalone,” the user continued.

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  1. This is the only theatre in Columbia we will go to. Always easy parking. Not filled with screaming hordes or constant cell phone users. It’s competitor at Columbia Mall has horrible seating at full prices and a perfect example of why people stay at home. Please bring this back asap.

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