Report: Councilman Questions Fiscal Responsibility of Building New Dulaney High

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Photo by James G. Howes, via Wikimedia Commons

Baltimore County Councilman Tom Quirk in a new interview with WYPR questioned the fiscal prudence of County Executive Kevin Kamenetz’s recent decision to build a new Dulaney High School in Timonium.

Quirk, chairman of the council’s Spending Affordability Committee, said that while he approves of Kamentez’s $1.3 billion plan to rehab old schools and build new ones, the price tag could soon become unsustainable.

“It comes down to one of two choices: either increasing revenues or dramatically cutting spending,” Quirk told the radio station.

Kamenetz’s approval of a new building came after years of urging from parents. Citing future interest levels that go beyond county guidelines, Quirk suggested the decision to build a new Dulaney High School and a new high school in Towson should fall to Kamenetz’s successor.

“They come with a big price tag and the next county executive is going to have to figure out how do we pay for these things,” Quirk told the station. “If we want things we have to pay for them.”

Kamenetz’s chief of staff, Don Mohler, defended the administration’s fiscal stewardship.

“It’s one of the most fiscally well-managed counties in the nation and will continue to be so,” he said.

Brandon Weigel

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