Rolling Stone Tells the Tale of Baltimore’s Canadian Football Team

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baltstallOver the summer, the Baltimore Stallions got a chance to celebrate their Canadian Football League championship — 20 years after winning. The Towson reunion marked one of the only public celebrations for the team’s Grey Cup victory. They might not have had a parade, but Rolling Stone has finally given the team’s story the full telling it deserves.

In addition to the Stallions’ dramatic two year journey on the field, the piece by Erik Malinowski conveys the team’s place in Baltimore sports history. They were part of the CFL’s expansion into America, which seems strange until you consider the fact that there are plenty of Canadian teams in the other U.S. sports leagues. Owner Jim Speros renovated Memorial Stadium, they were the only professional team playing during the baseball strike of 1994.

Perhaps most significantly, the Stallion’s success paved the way for the return of the NFL in the form of the Cleveland Browns. Of course, with the NFL juggernaut back in town, there was no need for a CFL team. After bringing home the glory, the team became the Montreal Alouettes with little fanfare.

The team’s odd place is further confirmed by this line:¬†Officially, the Montreal Alouettes do not recognize the Stallions’ two-year-existence as part of their official team history.

Read the full story at Rolling Stone.

This oral history has even more.

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