RPCS Varsity Basketball Team Welcomes B+ HERO Lilly to the Reds Family

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Over winter break, the REDS Varsity Basketball team had the honor of meeting 10-year-old Lilly Plocharz through the B+ (“Be Positive”) Heroes Program at the Diamond State Classic Tournament in Delaware. Battling a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis, Lilly inspired our student-athletes with her positive spirit, resilience, and contagious smile.

“I have always believed that relationships are the foundation of athletics. 
Our partnership with the B+ Foundation and the relationship that has been formed with Lilly and her family has enriched the lives of our varsity basketball players and coaches.”
–Carol Hatton, RPCS Athletic Director
The RPCS Varsity Basketball team has had some amazing moments on the court this season, including a 70-60 win over Ossining (NY), ranked No. 5 in USA Today’s Super 25 national list. But, it has been the relationship formed with their hero Lilly Plocharz that has made the most impact.
Lilly has Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disease that causes tumors to form in the central nervous system. She undergoes regular chemotherapy treatments, scans, and physical therapy. But her strength and true B+ (“Be Positive) Hero spirit is reflected in her personal motto: I’m not afraid, I will be brave!
When the team met Lilly at the Diamond State Classic Tournament in December, they gave her a goody bag full of red and white RPCS gear. They even brought Lilly her own REDS jersey so she would fit right in as she sat next to them on the bench. “As a team we all loved being with Lilly and having the opportunity to embrace her as one of our teammates,” says RPCS Junior Emma Shaw. “Lilly’s tough, positive, go get ‘em attitude was infectious. Her constant smile and joyful laugh were inspiring. She was kind, smart and funny. She truly is a strong brave girl who despite her circumstances was a joy to be around.”  Click to read full article and see inspiring pics.

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