The Sacred Political Rule That Hogan Routinely Breaks

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This baseball cap would probably pass. Photo: Maryland Governor's office.
This baseball cap would probably pass. Photo: Maryland Governor’s office.

In honor of Gov. Larry Hogan’s 60th birthday, Len Lazarick at Maryland Reporter unloaded a trove of evidence that the executive has, time and again, broken a venerated political commandment: Thou shalt not wear hats.You may not have known that was even a thing, but according to a vaguely intense Politico documentary on Michael Dukakis’s ill-advised tank photo op, it goes back to at least 1927, when President Calvin Coolidge was photographed in an eagle-feather headdress presented to him by Sitting Bull’s nephew. As President Richard Nixon’s campaign playbook noted in all caps: “HATS ARE TOXIC – AND CAN KILL YOU.”

But Gov. Hogan, a true political outsider, makes his own rules. You can tell by the the photo grid in which he is seen donning not only the occasional baseball cap and mortar board, but also a cowboy hat, a leprechaun’s floppy top hat, a Santa Claus hat, and a Santa’s elf hat.

And somehow his approval ratings just keep going up. Maybe they’ll have to change the rule.

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  1. The man been fighting CANCER!!! Most CANCER patients lose their hair and routinely wear hats. The writer of this article is a disgrace, god forbid anyone gets Cancer in his family. This is what journalism has come to, you reached the bottom of the barrel for a man who could lose his life from this TERRIBLE DISEASE. AND YOU CLEARLY SLAPPED PEOPLE IN THE FACE WHOSE LOVE ONES HAVE DIED OF THIS HORRIFYING DISEASE.

  2. In addition no where in your article do you mention the governor has been fighting CANCER, just so you can try to make a point. HAVING CANCER IS NOT A JOKE AND FOR YOU TO LEAVE THIS FACT OUT OF THE STORY IS TO SAY THE VERY LEAST HATEFUL.

    • Interestingly enough, Richard, I have had cancer. I went through chemotherapy and lost all my hair. My mother has had cancer. Several of my grandparents had cancer and died from it. The Maryland Reporter article that I link to in here is a lighthearted appreciation of Gov. Hogan’s penchant for wearing a wide variety of hats — several of them obviously intended to elicit a chuckle.

      I am sorry for your distress, but there’s no need to call me a disgrace or hateful when you don’t know me.

    • When you said his approval rates go up DESPITE WEARING A HAT, it is clear that you don’t approve of him wearing a hat. You could easily squared that by saying he is battling cancer, but you went out of your way not to mention he is dealing with the deadly disease known as cancer. I don’t have to know you to read your article. You are the one that inserted politics into equation. And I also had 5 family members die of cancer. Your article clearly went out of it’s way not to mention he is dealing with cancer, thus he is wearing a hat.

    • Governor Hogan almost never wore hats until his treatment for cancer. I don’t find any chuckles in that.

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