Recently named by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top art schools in the nation, MICA attracts college students from all
over.  We talked to five freshmen who stood out from the crowd with their eclectic and individual looks. We found their art (majors) to be just as unique.

Are you in between classes?
We are on a break.

What are your names and what kind of art are you studying?

Tatjana – sculpture

Matt – realist painting

Sarah – general fine arts

Alex – figure painting

Rachel – illustration

So as artists do you care about what you wear?

Tatjana – I had to wear ugly uniforms all through high school. Now I mix it up.

Matt – I like to dress ironically…I am an artist and I have a lacrosse jacket on.

Sarah – I like to mix fabrics – I have velvet and cotton on.

Alex – I prefer stripes and patterns. I keep looking for polka dots but can’t find them!

Rachel – Skirts and dresses. Always.

Where do you all buy your clothes?
All the girls – Village Thrift down the street. It’s the BEST!

And when you all become famous artists, will you spend lots of money on your wardrobe?
Tatjana – Yes! I won’t buy knock offs anymore! And shoes. I am addicted to shoes.
Sarah – I would buy all my clothes on Everything is handmade or vintage.
Rachel – Just more skirts and dresses.
Alex – I might dress up more.
and Matt – No change. I would use my money to buy oil paint. It’s so expensive!
One little tube is $50!

Tatjana – Wait! I’d buy silver and gold metals for my sculpture!

We had to stop there. We had talked through their break.
As they left, their individual styles looked great
 – even as
they walked away.