The process of test prep is often a subject clouded in uncertainty for many families that come into our office. Questions range from which test to take to what score to shoot for. Of course, the most pressing question that should be answered is, when should we start? Beginning in a timely fashion allows for all other pieces to fall into place without the rushed, frantic approach we often see. Through 4 years of successful operation in the Baltimore area, Streamline found that we maximize the chances of realizing a student’s potential when we allow for three months of skill building and two months of test prep strategy practice.

Deep learning takes not only invested effort, but also invested time, and a prompt start allows the flexibility for this delicate process to flourish. Too often we have parents rush in at the last minute, asking for 5 or 6 sessions, expecting major improvement, and while we don’t usually turn “rushed curriculums” away, it’s a recipe to leave a student without the scores they deserve. So don’t put this process off to the last minute. Visit our website at, fill out a diagnostic inquiry form, or give us a call to learn more.

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Ian Siegel

For more information about how to navigate the college tract, contact director of Streamline Tutors, Ian Siegel who specializes in college counseling, test prep, and academic coaching. You can visit his...