Save the Inner Harbor’s Beach Volleyball Courts!

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The plans for Inner Harbor 2.0 call for all sorts of new stuff to be installed around Baltimore’s prime waterfront neighborhood. There will be an underground parking garage, increased green space, “interactive water features,” and playgrounds. But there may not be beach volleyball courts, and for some Baltimoreans, that’s a big problem.

Baltimore Beach Volleyball has been taking advantage of the sandy courts at the Inner Harbor’s Rash Field for more than a decade. “The courts currently attract over 2,500 participants a week, seven days a week, and generate a substantial amount of business for the local shops and restaurants that surround the courts,” David Sivak writes in a petition supporting the volleyball courts’ inclusion in Inner Harbor 2.0.

That petition is necessary, because there’s no mention of including any sand volleyball courts in any of the Waterfront Partnership’s plans for the future harbor. To BBV participants, that omission is ominous. So far, more than 700 people have signed the petition; go here to add your voice.

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