Save the Date: Pigtown Design Blogger Meg Fielding on the History of Charles Street, Oct. 25

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As you might know, I occasionally give lectures and talks, and I’ve just scheduled my next one for October 25th. The talk is called “200 Years of History on Charles Street.” Charles Street is the main street of Baltimore and it divides the city neatly in half. It runs from south of the harbor,monument (38)

all the way up to the beltway encircling the city.monument (54)

As it traverses its nearly 11 mile length, Charles Street changes from row-houses close to the harbor, to tall office buildings, to elegant townhouses, museums and churches, to more row-houses, to vast estates and then schools and universities. But I am going to concentrate on a few short blocks of the street, beginning at the historic Old St. Paul’s Church and walking to the now-200 year old Washington Monument, from where the above pictures were taken.

These few blocks are filled with some of the most beautiful architecture in Baltimore, as well as a few not-so-nice buildings, but that’s all part of the story of Charles Street. This is one of the treasures along the route taken by a friend who also likes to Look Up!image

If you click on the image below, you will find information on the lecture series, mine along with a lot of others!


Hope you can come along on my walk through history.

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