At St. James Academy (SJA), students explore interests and opportunities that help them develop into curious lifelong learners. Seventh grader CLAIRE and fifth grader ANDREW have found opportunities for leadership, creativity and academic engagement.  Here they reflect on what makes their school so special and what they most appreciate about their day-to-day SJA experience on the vibrant, expansive campus.

How do you best represent your school?
Claire: I feel I best represent my school by being a good leader.

Andrew: I represent my school by trying my very best with my classwork, being a good friend and admitting my mistakes.

Do you have a favorite place on campus?
Claire: The theater is my favorite place on campus because I like performing and have a lot of good memories there.

Andrew: My favorite place on campus is the fields, because that is where I can roam freely at recess.

What teacher/coach/mentor has made the biggest impact on you?
Claire: Mr. Rogers is funny, and he would share his jokes and the stories he had with us.

Andrew: Mrs. Sansosti, the librarian, has made the biggest impact on me.  I didn’t like reading at first, but Mrs. Sansoti cheered me on to keep trying.  She also knows what kinds of books everybody likes to read at school.

What is the biggest lesson you will take away from your school experience
Claire: I have learned to treat people the same way you want to be treated.

Andrew: The biggest lesson I have learned is if you are nice and just be yourself then you will make good friends.

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