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School Spirit: Waldorf School of Baltimore



HESHY, a fourth grader at the Waldorf School, is always willing to lend a helping hand around campus. He especially enjoys caring for the community chickens and exploring the outdoors surrounding his school.

Which two adjectives best describe your school?

Fun and exciting. Waldorf is fun because we do a lot of different activities and not just sit behind a desk. There are also a lot of different fun classes and electives like library, woodworking and nature studies. It’s exciting to have festivals and special events both in class and together with the whole school.

What is the greatest lesson from your school you will take away with you?

Always try and put in your best effort.

School Spirit: The St. Paul’s Schools



Senior AIDAN believes he has “truly taken advantage of everything St. Paul’s has to offer” in his nine years at the school. As a theatre student, a member of the varsity golf team, the head of the SP photo and video club, a pianist, travel enthusiast, and aspiring filmmaker, he feels St. Paul’s has helped cultivate and support his many talents and interests.

Which two adjectives best describe your school? 

Diverse and inclusive. We have so many different groups of people who are in our community, and yet every group is compatible with one another. Half of the kids in choir are on the varsity lacrosse team. The dance company Inertia has several boys in it. Many students taking high level classes are also heavily involved in extracurriculars. One quote that I will never forget from the middle school is this, “You are part of something bigger than yourself.” This togetherness, this sense of brother and sisterhood, is what makes me excited and happy to be a part of St. Paul’s.

School Spirit: Mercy High School



Mercy High School senior, LEANDRA, has been a school leader on and off the field. A soccer player, track runner, and cheerleader, Leandra has also served as class president during her sophomore and junior years. She shares her gratitude for her school.

What makes you feel proud to be a student at your school?

I know that this institution represents important values like compassion, hope and service–qualities known of all Mercy girls. I feel extremely proud when people say, “Oh, you are a Mercy girl!” because I know they immediately associate me as a person that lives and emulates the strong values of Mercy.

What is the greatest lesson from your school you will take away with you?

The greatest lesson from my school that I will take away is that you have to go out into the world and spread love. When you see that the world is full of poverty, sickness and disparity, you have to be that change you wish to see.

School Spirit: McDonogh School



KIBIR, a junior at McDonogh, has immersed herself in the life of the upper school as a violinist in the strings orchestra, a participant in the school plays, and a member of the Comic Book Club and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  She reflects on what makes her school so special, including Roots Farm, where she enjoys spending time.

Which two adjectives best describe your school?

One word would be supportive. I can’t count how many times teachers and administrators have reminded us that we can always reach out to them if we need any support either academically or personally.  The second word is hardworking. This describes both the faculty and the students. The teachers use different teaching strategies and ask us for feedback so they can make sure that we are all learning fully. When it comes to the students, I believe that every one of us has at least one thing that we are passionate about in school that we work hard to grow in.

School Spirit: Garrison Forest School



The call to “Be Spirited” is at the heart of Garrison Forest School’s mission and represents one of its five core values. Embodying this are the student leaders who rally the girls in their division to not only showcase their spirit but to compete in team events, from games to service projects. Garrison’s spirit captains, MINARAYAHLIVYMOLLY and LUCY, lead the school’s two teams, the Light Blues and the Dark Blues. Students, faculty and staff are sorted in a school-wide celebration, often to loud cheers, colorful outfits, and resounding spirit. Each captain tells how Garrison Forest has instilled her to “be spirited.”

School Spirit: Boys’ Latin



Boys’ Latin LakerJONATHAN, will serve as the school’s student body president during his senior year. He brings to this role involvement in theater, Diversity Club and Black Awareness Club as well as a great appreciation for his school and a commitment to diversity.