Senior AIDAN believes he has “truly taken advantage of everything St. Paul’s has to offer” in his nine years at the school. As a theatre student, a member of the varsity golf team, the head of the SP photo and video club, a pianist, travel enthusiast, and aspiring filmmaker, he feels St. Paul’s has helped cultivate and support his many talents and interests.

Which two adjectives best describe your school? 

Diverse and inclusive. We have so many different groups of people who are in our community, and yet every group is compatible with one another. Half of the kids in choir are on the varsity lacrosse team. The dance company Inertia has several boys in it. Many students taking high level classes are also heavily involved in extracurriculars. One quote that I will never forget from the middle school is this, “You are part of something bigger than yourself.” This togetherness, this sense of brother and sisterhood, is what makes me excited and happy to be a part of St. Paul’s.

What makes you feel proud to be a student at your school?

More than anything, I am proud of our fantastic community. The environment at St. Paul’s is truly unique. I remember coming in as a nervous freshman and being immediately welcomed by numerous upperclassmen. They were inclusive, accepting of mistakes, and supportive. Now as a senior, I strive to give that same experience to the underclassmen and continue to keep our community connected.

What do you think distinguishes your schools from the other independent schools? 

I think that the St. Paul’s arts department is unlike any other. We have an unmatched co-ed dance program that performs at a professional level. The SP choir practices vocal technique that distinguishes us from any other high school choir, also performing at a professional level. Our visual arts department showcases students’ work throughout the Ward Center and features their artistic skills onstage in set designs. The theatre department is deeply rooted in many different theories of acting and pushes students to do more than just memorize lines. All of these elements, on top of our many fantastic facilities, are truly unique to The St. Paul’s Schools.

ALISON, a sixth grader at St. Paul’s School for Girls, has served on the student council and is an athlete, competing in soccer and lacrosse.

What adjective best describes your school?

I would describe my school as warm. I was welcomed to the school and felt right at home by teachers and students. I would also say that St. Paul’s is a very tight-knit community. You know almost everyone in the school so much that you are constantly waving in the hallway. Having smaller classes lets you get to know people better and smaller classes make learning a bit easier.

What is the greatest lesson from your school you will take away with you?

I will forever take with me the lesson of building a sisterhood through friendship and learning.

Where is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the big hill with picnic tables and Adirondack chairs. I love going to this spot with my friends to eat lunch. It has a beautiful view of the campus, and it makes me happy and calm.

Who is your favorite teacher?

I don’t really have just one favorite teacher because each teacher I’ve had has left a different impression on me. They’ve all given me great advice and insight.

What do you think distinguishes your schools from the other independent schools? 

I think what distinguishes us from other schools is how big our campus is yet how small my class and the whole community feels, as well as how close the relationships are for a school that teaches K-12 and boys and girls.

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