Mercy High School senior, LEANDRA, has been a school leader on and off the field. A soccer player, track runner, and cheerleader, Leandra has also served as class president during her sophomore and junior years. She shares her gratitude for her school.

What makes you feel proud to be a student at your school?

I know that this institution represents important values like compassion, hope and service–qualities known of all Mercy girls. I feel extremely proud when people say, “Oh, you are a Mercy girl!” because I know they immediately associate me as a person that lives and emulates the strong values of Mercy.

What is the greatest lesson from your school you will take away with you?

The greatest lesson from my school that I will take away is that you have to go out into the world and spread love. When you see that the world is full of poverty, sickness and disparity, you have to be that change you wish to see.

Where is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the lobby because I love to meet my friends in the morning there and it’s always going to be a special memory of my time at Mercy because of the bonding and memories I have made there. I have studied there, laughed there, talked there and experienced all the ups and downs right there. Although unusual, it is very sentimental to me.

SAM, a senior at Mercy High School, arrived on campus her sophomore year and made it a priority to seize every opportunity possible at her new school. She is a four-sport athlete who has performed in Mercy’s Footlighters, served on Student Council and led her class as their field day captain.

Which two adjectives best describe your school?

Mercy is resilient and full of compassion.

Who is your favorite teacher?

Mr. Davis is definitely my favorite teacher at Mercy. He is extremely passionate about teaching and he cares about his students. I have not only been in his AP Language and Composition course but I have also worked with him on the Student Council Executive Board. Mr. Davis was a dependable, logical, upbeat moderator who was a keen listener and gave our team efficient feedback to help make our plans or ideas even better. I look up to Mr. Davis’s leadership and he inspires me to work hard and stay engaged in my learning and stay involved in our school community.

What do you think distinguishes your school from the other independent schools? 

The Mercy staff and faculty distinguish themselves from other independent schools. They are excellent leaders and are extremely passionate about their roles in the school and all full of compassion and support for the student body. They communicate well among themselves and remain flexible with their students. The teachers at Mercy care deeply for students’ health and well-being. There are countless teachers at Mercy I personally could go to if I need advice or support. The teachers are resilient to challenges and understanding of their students’ needs. The faculty and the passionate leadership at Mercy make it unique from all other independent schools.

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