Boys’ Latin seniors KADEN and PAUL contribute to their school in many ways, on the field, in the classroom, and through their community engagement.  They recognize that their school is a place that encourages them to do all of these things and more.  Here, they reflect on their experience at Boys’ Latin.

How do you feel that you best represent your school?
Kaden: I feel like I best represent my school by being a very active member. I am in many different friend groups with a multitude of personalities to get to know people of all backgrounds. I am also a member of different groups such as Black Awareness Club, varsity football, varsity baseball, and the student council.

Paul: One of the main ideas I think you come to appreciate at BL is the value of being honest and upfront. When confronting people or situations, I tend to be someone who feels more comfortable indicating and implying what I want or what I think is right, instead of going right out and saying it. I honestly think one of the best ways I represent my school is by trying to be more direct with my words and actions.

This has been an unusual year and a half due to the pandemic and its effects on schools.  What did you most miss about being on campus when schools were shut down?
Kaden: Being away from campus made me miss the overall sense of community. Whether it was a fun lunch conversation or getting last-minute studying with my classmates, I just missed that feeling of connection.

Paul: Coming back to school I realized how interactions with friends and teachers truly make my day-to-day so much fuller and more engaging. Coming back to school, I remembered how much better it is to be able to see and talk to people, even if it’s just in passing.

If you had to give one piece of advice to your younger/ lower school self, what would it be?
Kaden: The advice I would give to my lower school self is to cherish my time. After COVID, I opened my eyes and fully engaged in being a Laker, and it has paid off big time. I love coming to school and seeing all my friends now, and school is truly a place I can enjoy being.

Paul: During my early years at BL, at times I definitely tried to do what my other classmates did and like what my other classmates liked. I often found myself trying to shape myself into something I wasn’t. It definitely created a lot of mental stress and confusion for myself in years when I really didn’t need to have any. I would definitely tell my younger self, it’s so much happier to follow what really interests and excites you.

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